The Type of the Cashew Nut Shelling Machines

Generally speaking, there are two main types cashew nuts shelling machine, frist type shelling machine is mainly used in the large cashew nuts processing factory. This type machine is designed with automatic system which can shell the cashew nuts with high quality and capacity. So it usually used in the big foods or nuts processing factory. another cashew nuts shelling machine is very small, this machine is semi-automatic system, it need people put the raw cashew nuts into the cracking system, and then cracker them. Due to this shelling machine is very small, and its capacity is not very big, so many small cashew nuts processing shops, stores prefer this machine for their prcessing workes.  This small shelling machine can not only reduce their cost of buying machine, but also can improve their procssing ability in factory. Especially in some developping countries, it is very worth buying for small business. 

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