Supply Almond Peeling Machine

We have almond peeling machine,pour the soaked almonds into the hopper, the vibration of the raw materials into the three dynamic roller fixed by the rotating rubber tire, through the induction of the role of the feed wheel, through the hand-twist wheel to achieve the role of peeling, and then discharged round peeling almonds into the hopper and discharged in the hopper, the skin through the rejection of the pulley throwing easy to operate, high yield, peeling rate of 98% or more, is currently the most advanced almond peeling equipment.
wet almond peeling machine
Wet almond peeling machine is peanuts, almonds, beans, soybeans and other deep processing products production of essential equipment. Mainly used for fried almonds, almond milk (milk), almond protein powder, almond dew,rice pudding, almond protein powder before peeling. One year warranty, lifetime maintenance.If you need this machine,welcome to contact me with freely,we will send the machine detail and quotation to you.


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