How to Choose Sesame Tahini Production Line

Sasame tahini is a very popular condiment in may countries and places. Basically, in the past, people usually grinding sesame by artificial, very waste of time and manpower, so this way can only be used for individual consumption. But this sesame tahini production line can greatly reduce the manpower and material resources, to improve your work efficiency, very suitable for small and medium enterprises producing sesame tahini for export.

Sasame tahini production line process includes peanut roasting - Sesame grinding - Mixing spices - Vacuum disinfection - Filling packaging. In this peanut butter production line, peanut peeling machine, peanut butter grinding machine is very nessary, they dirextly conform the quality of the peanut butter quality. Peanut peeling machine is peanut half-grain peeling processing equipment, with a high degree of automation, high rate of broken flap, noise, pollution, etc., grinding machine fully discharged material, spices evenly. This sesame tahini production line is an ideal equipment of making sesame tahini for different size factory. 


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