Two Different Ways to Roasting Ways of Roasting Peanuts

       There are two different methods of roasting the peanuts with large capacity. Roasted peanuts tatse more deslious than the raw peanuts, that’s also why the roaste peanuts used in many different foods processing fields. Roasted peanuts taste more crisp with less oil, some delicous foods usually put the roasted peanuts into them to improve their taste, such as the peanut candy, cocalate, cake and so on.
       There are two methods to roast peanuts, one is roasted with shell directly, another is roasted peanuts without shell. What is the difference of these two methods? Generally speaking, that depend on your production process. In fact, if the production process is same, it would be better roasting peanuts without shell. Thus, peanuts can be heat evenly, and taste will more better. This roasting types usually uesd in the snacks foods procesing factory for the next step process. Another peanuts roasting type is usually make the final products directly, there is no secondary processing. No matter which roasting types you want, the drum peanuts roasting machine can achieve this roasting step. The special design is that the machine has more than four types heating ways, such as the electric heating way, fuel oil heating way, gas heating way and coal heating way.

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