How to Use the Peanuts Sheller Machine in Right Way

       Peanut sheller machine if you not grasp the correct application of peanut shelling method of the peanut sheller machine, that not only result the poor shelling quality, but also make reduce the low shelling efficiency, which may seriously affecting its economic and social benefits in business.  
Firstly, the degree of wet and dry of peanuts should be appropriate, because the peanuts are too dry.that will improve the broken rate, on the contrary, if too wet of materials will affect the work efficiency.
Secondly,  if in the winter, before shelling peanuts, you can require 10 kilograms of warm water evenly sprayed in 50 kg peanuts, and covered with plastic film about 10 hours, and then drying about 1 hour under the sun, then start shelling. In other seasons with a plastic film covering only 6 hours is ok, the other methods are same of the before. 
Thirdly, you can put the peanuts in the water pool, dip immediately after the plastic film covered with one day, and then drying under the sun until they appropriate to shelling.
Fourthly, single-phase motor should work properly, the voltage required to reach its rated voltage. If the voltage is not reached the requirement, the machine can not work very well. 
Fifthly, after a period of using, prepared to store the machine, you should clear the surface of the machine. Then clean the ministries with diesel oil, dried and coated with butter. Finally, the machine should placed in the dry home to avoid wet. The belt should be removed and stored separately.
       If customers use this machine for such way,  the service life will be longer than common of this peanuts sheller machine.  

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