Maintenance of Peanut Peeling Machine

The peanut peeling machine always meet some problems in using process, so the maintenance of peanut peeling machine is a very important thing for operator. 
First step:
Cleaning the machine timely. Everytime after using the machine, the operator should clean the machine, cleaning can make the machine have more long usage life.
Second step: 
Each time the producing is finished, the workers should make a whole completed check of the machine. Checking out whether the sorting sieve attrited situation. Once you find some the problems  of these parts, please repaire them timly. Desoldering and welding parts should be repaired.
 Such as the upper and lower fan blades, especially under the fan blade whether is worn or broken, whether the blade outer reinforcement plate is worn or deformed, if you found them in wrong situation, please timely maintenance or replace them.
Third step: 
After using the peanut peeling machine, please remove the belt and put them into the dry place, do not put them under the sun because the sun can demage the belt very quickly.  

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