The Reason Why Peanut Peeling Machine With High Broken Rate

As the most important peanut processing machinery,  peanut peeling machine in the peanut process is absolutely essential. Because some wrong operation in the making process, the peanut peeling machine may produce some problems.  And also they don't know the reasons why these problem can come cross.  But the maintenance staff can find the problem very easily. 

The following are the reasons why the peanut peeling machine with high beoken rate:

1. The peanuts have been roasted by workers bufore into peanut peeling machine, and during the peeling process the baking temperature is different.
2. The peeling speed is too slow for peanuts, which may cause the damage of peanuts.

So, in order to reduce these peoblems, and protect peanuts, people should know some commons sense about this peanut peeling machine. Gelgoog Machinery Company is the professional peanut machines manufactures, we have more professional techology about peanut machines. At present, we offer  peanut peeling machine, peanut roaster machine,
peanut butter machine, and peanut grinding machine and peanut butter production line and sesame butter production line.


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