Peanut Mill Machine Supplier In China

Peanut mill machine is mainly used for grinding nut food into powder,such as peanuts,almonds,sesame seeds,cashew nuts,pistachio and so on.
peanut powder milling machine
This machine is a peanut, sesame powder special equipment, with a simple operation, high yield, a powder, no greasy and other characteristics, a variety of specifications for customers to choose. The finess can reach to 40-60m, and no greasy. If only use hob, separate roller then can process particles 3-6mm. And special tool design of the peanut grinder machine make grinding materials fasterly. Mutifunctional,not only can mill peanut powder, but also can make peanut particles. What's more,the machine made of stainless steel, sanitary and durable, easy to clean and maintain.

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