Equipment for Making Peanut Candy

        This equipment is mainly used for making peanut candy in the factory.  here we emphasis on intrduct the peanut candy molding machine. This machine used for pressing the peanut candy materials into sheet. The modling process alsos is very important i the whole making process. If the machine press the materials to hard, the nuts in the materials will be flattened, which may influence the candy taste. But if  the intensity is not enough, the nuts and other additives can not mixed in the materails very well. So this mmodling machine is very necessary in the whole peanut cany making line. There are need some materials and equipments before you making the peanut candy. Such as the sugar, water, maltose, nuts( types according your really need). Firstly, you should mixing them well, this step can make the final products more crisp. Molding them quickly, because once they become cold, it's hard to mold them into the shapes you want.  

      Some tips you should pay more attetion to this machine. Firstly, before you using this peanut candy making machine, check the whether there are problems for producing. Test this machine can reduce you many problems. Becuase when the machine meet some problems during working, it's hard to clean and maintain. Secondly, cleaning the machine after using. The 
remains  materials will corrosion of the machine itself, so please cleaning it after using. We can also offer you the peanut candy packing machine for your requirements. 


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