Octagonal Spiral Seasoning Machine

Octagonal spiral seasoning machine is a mixture of a variety of materials mixed with a spiral of the machine, suitable for food production process on the block, flake, granular food mix powder, spices, tasty special equipment. According to the shape and shape of different food design and manufacturing, octagonal, spiral, roller type.
In addition, this machine is simple, easy to use, suitable for a variety of food seasoning, spices, tasty work, is the production of fried peanuts, spicy peanuts, shrimp and so on, such as the ideal seasoning matching equipment.
The product can also be customized according to actual production. According to customer needs, to provide on-site exploration, plant reasonable planning. For the customer design process, and truly save time, effort, provincial cost, high efficiency shipments. If you are interested in this machine,want to know more about this machine,welcome to contact me with freely,i will send the machine detail and quotation to you.

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