Commercial Nut Roaster Machine for Soybean And Peanut

The drum type nut roaster machine is mainly used peanut, Chinese chestnut, walnut, almond, swallow beans, beans, seeds and other granular material baking or drying. The machine uses a unique roller horizontal structure, heating evenly, good sealing, stew frying effect is particularly good. Can guarantee to meet the needs of a variety of roasted seeds and nuts, the roasted nuts taste good. 
nut roasting machine
The rotary drum, heat conduction and thermal radiation theory, can be designed according to customer requirements into coal. Electric. Gas for fuel and infrared linear, microwave type; A high degree of automation, the production cost is low, by several peanuts, proof of use of the factory, the machine has the easy to use, high efficiency and energy saving, durable etc. Baking products of good quality, the health, taste is, all can achieve export standards.

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