Special Pineapple Jam Making Machine for Commercial

         The pineapple jam usually used in bread or toast on the consumption. Expect the pineapple jam, there are all the strawberry jam, mango jam, apple jam, blueberry jam, pineapple jam, kiwi jam, orange jam, cherry jam, mulberry jam, hawthorn jam, orange jam and so on.  Due to the fruits jam keep the original taste of  fruit, many children like to eat it with bread, flush them with water to drink, or even eat directly.  There are professional machine to make the differnt jam for the demand of the market. That's the  pineapple jam making machine, this machine can make many kinds of the fruit materials into jam.  With the new design of superfine processing,  it can process the materials.  What you should pay attention to is that brefore grinding the fruits, the fruits would better be cut into small pieces, if the pieces is too big, it's hard to fall down into the feeding pot. The size of the fruits pieces can according your machine demand.  So it is very suitable for the commercial usage. The mesh of the jam can be changed though changing the speed of the rotor with small size. 


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