How To Remove The Almond Skin Easily?

Almond peeling is a heavy workload,if the artificial peeling method is adopted, it takes manpower and material resources, and now we have a professional almond peeling machine.
Almond peeling machine is soaked peanuts, soybeans, almonds, beans and other into the hopper, the vibration of raw materials into the rotating rubber tire, through the induction strip, the role of the feed wheel from the knife on the knife blade incision. Then the discharge wheel will be peeled rice, kernel, beans pressed into the hopper, and discharged in the hopper, the skin through the rejection of the wheel thrown.
This equipment uses a high standard of pure plastic soft roller imitation hand movements, peanuts in red is easy to fall off, and easy to operate, high yield, peeling rate of 98% or more, no damage, breaking rate of less than 5% , Is the ideal peanut peeling equipment.

If you are interested in our almond skin peeling machine,you can leave a message on our website,we also have almond peeling machine test video,more detail please contact me with freely,i will send the machine detail and quotation to you.
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