How To Identify The Quality of Cocoa Powder?

Cocoa powder is the food raw material, the national standard has given the strict stipulation to its production. In the absence of instrumentation in the case of a simple way to determine whether it is good or bad, mainly from its color, smell, fineness and fat content in several aspects.
Cocoa Powder
First, the first is to see its color
Natural cocoa powder its color should be light brown, brown or even dark brown natural cocoa powder which is certainly added cocoa skin or other food coloring. 2, alkalized cocoa powder color should be reddish brown, if it is dark brown or brown-black it must be overbased, caused by too much ash content. 3, cocoa black powder color should be dark brown to brown black, if the cocoa color is pure black or even dark black that cocoa powder must add food coloring.
Second, the second is to identify the smell of cocoa powder
Natural cocoa smell is a natural cocoa bean flavor, is a touch of fragrance. For aroma or burnt-out cocoa powder is a poorer quality powder. 2, alkalized cocoa smell should be normal cocoa flavor, its aroma than the natural cocoa to be thicker, but not burnt smell. If the aroma of alkalized cocoa is too thick or has a burnt smell, it is a poor quality flour. 3, cocoa black powder and alkalized cocoa smell almost the same, because black powder is alkalized cocoa in the heavy alkalis, it is easy to have burnt, no burnt flavor for the top grade, the burnt smell is poor.
Third, the cocoa fineness to distinguish
The fineness of cocoa powder is very important for the production of chocolate, cocoa powder produced substandard fine taste bad taste, there will be a sense of roughness. For the fineness of the general identification is to take a small amount of cocoa powder on white paper, gently folded and wipe. Fineness of more than 99 in the powder will be evenly distributed on the paper, and the fineness of less than 99 will have a sense of difference, uneven distribution. There is also a way to better identify the cocoa fineness, that is, take some cocoa with boiling water, after the water is cool, there will be some cocoa precipitation to the bottom of the cup. Now pour the water over, remove the sediment below and place it on the paper, gently wipe it with your hands. Other water-dried, the fineness of the powder above 99 results are not agglomerated, evenly distributed, while the fineness of less than 99 there will be granular, the distribution is not uniform.
Fourth, the fat content of cocoa powder identification
Take a small amount of cocoa powder placed in the palm of your hand, both hands on the rub, fat content will be significantly greasy, and low fat content is not obvious. With the fat content of more than 10% of the test with this method will be very good. Grease content of less than 8% of the following do not feel any sense of greasy.
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