Prospects of Grain Drying Market

Grain demand become large inrecently years, many more professional farmers beginning to cultivate crops. As a response to the widespread food crisis of the early 1970s, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) contributed to the establishment of the Global Information and Early Warning System for Food and Agriculture. With the reduction of cereal grain, more and more new technologies are needed to support grain growing. A variety of agricultural machinery came into being. 

Grain drying is an important step in agricultural production, is also a key link in agricultural production, is the realization of grain production throughout the mechanization of an important part. Grain drying mechanization technology is the main means of machinery, the use of appropriate technology and technical measures to artificially control the temperature, humidity and other factors, without prejudice to the quality of grain under the premise of reducing the water content of grains to reach the national safe storage Standard drying technology.

Agricultural production has many components, many years of accumulation and improvement was able to form a set of coordination and balance between the various modes of production. In the early years of artificial harvesting methods: rice cut down after the general drying in the field one or two days or a few days, on the one hand a certain degree of ripening effect, more important is to let the grain moisture reduction, threshing Rice can be short-term preservation without deterioration, and then this grain batches drying in small drying yard to achieve long-term preservation of water. In recent years, the rapid advance of mechanized harvesting and cross-operation, resulting in efficient and rapid mechanized harvesting methods and the original way of serious dry grain not meet, resulting in a large number of high-moisture cereal can not be timely drying. In the pockets or piled together, over time  began to heat, resulting in the taste of rice, a substantial decline in quality, a long time or even mildew. Thast's why the grain drying machine is so popular. For the supply of food made a great contribution.

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