Function of the Commercial Nuts Grinder

Function of nuts grinder:
Grinding machine, also can be named as colloid mill. We company offer more professional nuts grinder for customers. The nuts grinder made with full professional Seiko manufacturing, there are the 50-240 moulds can be choosed.
The basic principle of colloid mill is the fluid or semi-fluid material through the high-speed relative linkage between the fixed teeth and moving teeth, the material subjected to strong shear, friction and high-frequency vibration, effectively crushed, emulsified, Homogeneous, temperature, so as to obtain the satisfaction of the fine processing of products.
This nuts grinder can according to different material properties, production efficiency, different purposes, to produce more good products. The usage of different specifications of the colloid mill models, to achieve good results. 

Applications of nuts grinder: 
Jam, dairy products, dyes, meet, sesame seed, peanuts, almonds, cashew, cosmetics, cod liver oil and so on.

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