Some Tips of Operation Chili Sauce Packaging Machinery

Any equipment need for regular maintenance after each time using, so that keep a longer service life. There are many kinds of chili sauce packing machine, such as the bottle packing machine, small bags packaing, etc. The packing type depend on your demand actually. The chili sacue packaging machine is no except.  What the maintenance secret about this chili sacue packaging machine?  Following are the tips about maintenance:

1>.  Before using this chili sauce packaing machine, cleaning the part which may touch materials, it can ensure the foods safety level.
2>.  Checking the production process from time to time, observing the specific operation of the equipment; if there is loosening, immediately turn off the power, tighten the screws. There should pay attention to check the chili sauce dispenser lubrication part is not the lack of oil, if yes, please fill oil to this machine quickly. 

3>.   During opearting, all the dates should be set before. The capacity of each packing bag or bottle should depend on chili sauce viscosity. The higher the viscosity, the smaller the area required. So chili sauce making also is a completed thing in factory. 
4>.  Final products shold put on the ventilated place, chili sacue packing machine should be cleaned very well. 


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