Peanut Butter Cooling System

After peanut butter grinded, all the butter need to cool in the peanut butter cooling system for improve the peanut butter taste and save time for cooling the peanut butter natural cooling time. The peanut butter cooling machine is one important part in the peanut butter production line or sesame butter production line. This machine desinged with the long-shaped tank, can cool the 300 kg to 500 kg peanut butter or sesame butter per hour. 

Whole peanut butter cooling system is more safe, high quaility not only suitable for the small peanut butter making process, but also for the  large peanut butter producing.  Usually, this cooling system is made of the stainless steel for high quaility foods standard. The stainless steel can reduce the possibility of rusting. Before using this machine, please check the machine whether is good with other peanut butter producing machines. Once any nut is loose, install them quickly.  

Working principle of the peanut butter cooling machine: 

Though the water to take  away the heat temperature of peanut butter,  greatly reduce the time for cooling the peanut butter during producing process. Thus, it is the necessary machine for producing butter in factory, and also wildly used in other fields.  


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