Grain Dryer Machine For Precautions must Often clean residue in the machine and maintain the machine after drying, shut the inlet and outlet, such as good mechanical life and to improve the working efficiency of the drying of grain dryers.

2. According to related  requirements, we can load the moderate grain, but  not too much, also not too little. much loading is easy to suffer congestion,instead,  little loading not only reduce the operation benefit, and affect the drying quality. if quanity of the grain reach be full and a samll quanity of grain can not be added, you can put in materia within 1 hour after drying, otherwise, it could cause uneven drying grain.

3.Grain impurity rate should not be too big.Example, there is mixed with a large number of straw in the wheat, which will have an influence on the flow of grain and some parts of grain can not get better circulation.the dry is uneven and even ferment,meahwhile, increase the power consumption, oil consumption and low the efficiency.Therefore, it is neceassary to pick up before the drying.

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