Precautions for Operating Fruit Washing Machine

Precautions for Operating Fruit Washing Machine: 
Nowaday, in the food processing industry, for the fruit and vegetable washing are used to fruits and vegetables washing machine. The fruit and vegetable will eat more healthy, 
secure and reliable after washing. But when we using this machine, we still should pay attention on some things:
1. Before using the pipe, you should to see whether there is leakage of the situation, this is should be done before use.
2. Run the machine for 2 minutes without materials, to check the transmission system whether is normal, to avoid the transport belt is abnormal.
3. Row oil work should also be done before start of cleaning work, you would better use the rest time, so as not to affect the normal fruit washing work.
4. Put the fruit and vegetables on the machine. What you should pay attention is that the vegetable shouldn't so much, because much vegatables will influence the washing effect.

This is what we should pay attention to when using the fruit washing machine, the correct use of the device can save time and effort, improve our efficiency.


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