The Peanut Butter Making Machiney Sold to UK

       One new order from the Uk bought this peanut butter making machinery.  This peanut butter making machinery can not only used for gtinding the peanuts, but also the almonds butter, dates paste, mustard butter, tomato paste, strawberry jam and so on. The model and capacity can be choosed by customers. This customer has opened a peanut butter processing factory in Sweden, and now he want to large his company in UK. He want  to produce the strawberry jam and tomato paste in his factory.  Strawberry jam and tomato paste are very common snacks ingredients in our daily life, so there are  a big profit in the future. That's why this customer bought this machine so quickly, once this type machine is satisfied with his factory, he want to buy a whole line to support his factory. 

One model of this peanut butter machinery:
Model: GGJMS-240
Fineness: 100-200mesh
Capacity: 100kg/ h
 Dimension: 1320*500*1280 mm

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