American Peanut Export Overview

World peanut yield can reach a total of about 40 million metric tons every year, and the United States is still the world's third largest producer.after China and India,  the world wide peanuts exports is about 2.8 million metric tons. America is one of the world's leading exporter of peanuts, exports from 400000 to 400000 metric tons per year on average. There are other important food grade peanut exporters such as Argentina, China and India. And the countries like Vietnam, Senegal, Nicaragua and Brazil countries periodically enter the world market, relying on their crop quality and demand of the market.

Canada,Mexico,Japan and Europe usually account for more than 80% of total exports of the United States. Recently, China as a major importer enter into the world market. In Europe, the peanut's biggest export market of US is the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The demand of North American and European for peanuts is still stable, despite the rising snack market competition continuing to bring pressure to peanut market, with many of the products such as chips, extruded snacks, nuts and bake snacks to compete. In addition, quality specifications, food safety concerns and import demand, continue to demand at source to improve the implementation of the monitoring and quality control standards. In response to the demands of consumers, the producers, shelling traders and processors monitor the each stage of production, implement quality and food safety inspection procedures, to ensure the realization of high quality and safety standards.

Because the United States mainly exports high quality peanuts. Before export of peanuts in shell and peanut butter benefit from the decline in exports in China. But recently American shelling peanut export growth, and China is becoming a major importer. With China's domestic peanut is significantly higher than the market price level, China has become the main buyers of peanuts, and is likely to continue to purchase peanuts of adequate supplies in the United States next year.

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