Our Peanut Shelling Machine, Your Best Choice

Peanut is a kind of nut which has high nutritional value. There are large quantities of peanuts used for exporting and food processing in all over the world, so the development of the peanut shelling machine was very important. We are one of the pioneers who produce peanut processing machines, and we have many exporters.
This type peanut shelling machine mainly contains 3 parts, the destoner for peanuts, conveyer, and the peanut sheller. It features a compact structure, stable operation and low noise. One of the advantages of the peanut shelling machine is that the conveyer part is effective and economical. The peanuts can be conveyed by the machine-made wind directly. After being put into charging spout, the peanut automatically enters into decorticating room composed of two friction rollers, removing the skin of the peanut so as to produce peanut without red seed color.
Worker put peanut in shell into dehuller,firstly,the peanut in shell fall into wide veins bar,the shell will be breaked by the rubbing from running veins bat and fixed bar concave bat,second, the peanut kernel and shell will fall into bar net,then into the wind passage,the shell be cleaned out machine by wind.the peanut kernel and a some small size peanut with shell fall into the specific gravity selecting sieve,through filtrating,the peanut kernels will be sent out from exit,the small size peanut with shell will be put into conveyer,then be sent into thin veins bar for second shelling,finally, the peanut all will be sheeled.

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