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High Effiency Walnut Butter Making Machine Production Line

MOQ: 1 /Sets
Certification: CE
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets Per Month
Warranty Time: 12 Months
LOADING PORT: Shanghai/Qingdao
Country Of Origin: China
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Used for production of the peanut butter,sesame paste/tahini,Almond Butter.

Main Feature

Advanced technology,stable quality of products.It a best choice for food processing plant.


This walnut butter production line, on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, combines with the studying of technical personnel, is a new generation of butter equipment with advanced, practical, cheap and fine features. The whole line uses all automated assembly line, can save a lot of human resources, reduce the production cost of the products, and the production can be customized according to customer's production size.
Cashew Walnut Butter Production Line Flow
Briefly technological process for walnut butter: Cashew nut roasting - Cooling - Coarse grinding - Fine grinding - Degassing - Cooling - Packing
Key points: 
Roasting: Put the roaster oven to 160 ℃, keep 40-60 minutes, for kernel inside and outside have same color, no anxious burnt phenomenon.
Roasted walnut cooling: Discharge the roasted nuts, and cool the temperature as soon as possible.
Grinding paste: Grinding walnut into paste, first time coarse grinding, to a medium fineness, second time fine grinding, to a fine smooth finished product. During grinding paste, add sugar or salt (sugar is 2%-3%, salt of 0.5%) and 0.05% of vitamin E. 
Homogenization: In mixing pot, heat walnut butter to 60-70 ℃, mixing evenly. 
Canning, freezing: Fill put butter into the jar, freezing around at 0 ℃ low temperature. After the overall crystallization, just can move. Later, can be put in room temperature for preservation.
Walnut Butter Production Machine Line
Advantages of Cashew Walnut Butter Processing Line
This production line include the cashew nuts roaster, automatic feeding machine, grinding machine, vacuum degassing machine, cooling machine and so on. The character is high automation, good reliability, full enclosed production, no pollution. The detailed technology and capacity can be customize according to the customer requirements.

This production equipment is also suitable for producing peanut butter, sesame tahini, sunflower seed butter, pecan butter, etc.

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Technical Data

Item Power
Roaster Machine 118 4700*2900*1650
Conveyor Belt 0.75 5000*500*900
Cooling Belt 8.1 10000*1200*1600
Conveying Belt 0.75 6000*700*1000
Elevator 0.75 1000*500*3400
Storing Feeding Machine 0.55 1100*1100*2400
Grinding Machine 11x4 900*350*900
Table   2300*2000*600
Storing Tank   500L
Pump 1.5 1000*300*350
Mixing Tank 4 800L
Vacuum Tank 6.2 800L
Pump 2.2 1100*350*350
Storing Tank 3 800L


1.What is the usage of this machine?
--Used for production of the peanut butter,sesame paste/tahini,Almond Butter.
2. What is the voltage/phase for this machine?
-- We normally make voltage into 220V/50HZ/Single phase or 380V/50HZ/Three Phase. But it can be made according to clients' demand, like 110V/60HZ/Three phase and so on.
3. What kind of packing box is?
-- We pack machines in a standard exporting plywood case, no vermin, germs.It can help get better protection while transporting.
4. How long is the guarantee?
-- We promise guarantee as half of one year for non-human damage factor.
5. How should I do if meet some trouble while using?
-- Don't worry about that. We are always be pleased to provide using support to clients. We can take a video for showing how to resolve the problem, and write detail resolution to you.
6. What's the payment mode?
-- T/T, L/C, Western Union or Money Gram.

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