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Wet Peanut Peeler for Sale

Introduction & Application:
The wet peanut peeling machine is a professional equipment used for peanuts peeling process in a wet way. It is widely used in the pre-processing of the production of fried peanuts, coated peanuts, peanut cake, peanut candy, peanut milk (cream), peanut protein powder and rice pudding, peanut sauce and canned products.

Wet peanut peeling machine
1. Peanut peeling machine adopt new peeling principle,and special peeling components,with high peeling rate,whole kernel rate,low consumption,high production,etc.
2. Peanuts after peeling are not broken, white colour and good lustre, protein denaturation. During peeling processing, the skin automatically apart from the peanut kernels at the same time. 
Working principle:
This machine with high standards of pure soft glue roller, using imitation hand peeling principle. Put soaked beans or nuts into the hopper, then entered into the feeding funnel of this machine, the high standard pure soft rubber wheel will remove the skin of the nuts off easily and gently like human hand. 
1. The machine has small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
2. Reasonable design, stainless steel.
3. Peeling rate is as high as 96%, rupture rate is less than 3%.
4. No pollution, simple operation.

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