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Sesame Paste Making Machine Manufacturer

Do you know how to make sesame paste? We have two machines that grind sesame seeds:Stone mill grinding machine and colloid mill grinding machine.
sesame paste grinder machine stone mill
This sesame paste grinding machine stone mill  can be processed peanut, sesame ,wheat, corn, beans, rice, spices. Low-temperature processing, authentic. This machine made by traditionally technology and according to the mesh point of traditionally technology , manual making the size , the mesh is very fine and neat , clean lines ,sharp ,long time service .low speed and low temperature grinding,keep nutrition not broken,pure original taste and health.
sesame paste grinding machine
The working principle of the sesame paste making machine colloid mill is that the colloid mill is driven by the motor through the belt drive to rotate the oppositely to the fixed teeth (or the stator) for the high speed rotation, the processed material through its own weight or external pressure (can be generated by the pump) plus Pressure generated by the downward impact of the spiral, through the fixed, the gap between the teeth (gap adjustable) by a strong shear force, friction, high frequency vibration and other physical effects, so that the material is effectively emulsified, dispersed And crushed to achieve the effect of ultra-fine grinding and emulsification of materials.

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