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Sesame/Peanut Butter Cooling Machine

       Sesame butter and peanut butter is very popular in the world. Many people like to eat noodles or bread  with sesame and peanut butter. Fragrant peanut butter with soft bread can give you a different feeling. After one bite, you'll want to another bite.

       Now we have different lengths about this sesame butter cooling machine, customers can tell us how long he or she needs, and then we can personalize it for customer.
The operation of our cooling machine isn't hard, electrical power usage power is small, safe, and it is very well liked with clients in this vocation. The cooling machine is a part of peanut butter production line.Before starting the thorough inspection, look at the fastening parts without or with loose phenomenon. Check if the source of energy line is damaged, the there aren't any foreign bodies.

       When operating this machine, please placed this cooling machine on the flat and stable surface ground, When adjusting the equipment, to use proper tool, it is forbidden to use tools a lot or too hard to separate a component av
oid attaint parts or change the cooling machine's efficiency. Besides, please be sure to seal off the power when cleaning the cooling machine.

       After using, please try to avoid damp, dark environment when put the machine inside your stock, and also by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment along with other general opportinity for nursing hardware regularly.

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