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How Many Steps Needs in the Peanut Butter Making Process

      Some people may think that peanut butter making process is not very difficult, but actually, peanut butter making process  is also very luxurious and very complex, each step is essential for you. So if you want to reduce your money or time on making them, you are wrong.  Firstly, this peanut butter making production is composed of twelve different parts. These sections are feeding machine, hoister (elevator ), continuous roaster machine, continuous cooling machine,  peeling machine, selection belt, toring and feeding machine, grinding machine, storage tank and so on. Secondly, you should put the peanut raw into the feeding machine, then though the hoister to roaster machine. The roaster m average. Next, what you should do is to cooling these peanuts. The following step is to peeling the rad skin of peanuts to the selection belt which may arrive the toring and feeding machine. Then the machine will to grindnig peanuts into butter, these peanut butter will put to storage tank. The peanut butter making process is endless. If you want to packing them, you can also buy a vacuum packing machine for your peanut butter making factory.