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Where to buy Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

         Cocoa bean is a very common thing in many coffee stores around the world, many people like to drink the coffee, and even many foods need cocoa bean as seasoning. But the processing process of cocoa bean become a problem at beginning. Actually, peeing  cocoa bean is a very important step. If the machine which you have  purchase is not good, the coffee beans are susceptible to damage during the peeling process, it will affect the taste.

       Where to buy this machine? You would better to buy this machine in big manufacturer or professional factory about making this machine. What constitutes a good machine peeling machine it?  Automatic cocoa peeling machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa bean and peanut and other nuts. It has two functions: One is remove the red coat from the peanut, second one is separate the nuts into two half parts. This machine can be used very easy. Two functions can be uesd in one machine. It's peeling and separating rate can reach 98%. If you want to buy cocoa peeling machine, you would better buy high degree of automation, high broken rate , low noise and no pollution machine. Only this machine can help you make more cocoa bean without demage. You need worry abut the machine have pollution, because this machine is equipped with dust collection device and vibrating screen.  The processing process is very clean. If you wanna more details, please feel free to contact with me, here. 

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