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Almond Skin Peeling Machine Working Video

Do you know how the almond peeler works? This is our company almond peeling machine test video:

Wet peanuts peeling machine to use: will wait for peeling almonds,peanuts, soybeans and other ingredients with boiling water or soaked with cold water, so bubble to the skin can be rubbed out by hand is appropriate, and then you can pour in the machine Peeling work.

The machine has the advantages of high output capacity, low power consumption and easy to operate.This machine is unique, peanut is not broken after peeling garments, color and luster is bright ,the skin and meters could be separated automatically with high efficiency,This machine also may be used to remove the skin of almond, broad bean's cover. If you are interested in this almond peeling machine,want to know more about this machine,welcome to contact me with freely,i will send the machine detail and quotation to you.