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Where to Buy Peanuts Skin Remover in Nigeria

Peanuts skin remover
 Many farmers do not know where to buy the peanuts skin remover in their own country. In the past, it is a problem, but now, you can buy even anything you want from the internets. With the development, the internet can help you in many fields. SO if you are leaving in Nigeria, and you want to buy this peanut skin remover without idea, you can search on the line. You will find some company’s business has extended to the rest of the world. So there is no doubt that you cna buy the peanut skin remover from China in Nigeria.

 Composition of peanut skin remover:
About the peanut skin remover, what is the composition of this machine? Today will wil give you some infoemation about the dry peanut skin remover, because there are still have wet way peanuts skin remover. And how it is working? We are a professsional company for offering the peanut skin removers for many years, and GG series peanut skin removers consists of power device (including motor, pulley, belt, bearing, etc.), frame, hopper, peeling roller (steel roller or sand roller), suction fan and so on. And this machine adopts the roll differential rubbing method to removing the peanuts skin, with stable and reliable performance, long service life, peeling effect, high productivity, good quality, etc. So it can be used in combination, suitable for processing the various Peanut specifications peeling.
 Usage of this peanut skin remover:
This machine’s application is very broad, such as for peanut butter, peanut milk, pastry and milk peanut products such as pre-peeling, half peanuts peeling and so on.This machine with peeling, sub-flap, screening grading functions. So this machine has high automation program, high broken flap rate, low noise with no pollution and so on. The machine is equipped with vacuuming device and vibrating screen. The vacuuming device can absorb the peanut red skin. And the vibrating screen can effectively separate peanuts into half.

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