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How to Use Vacuum Nuts Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment which can suck out the air from packing bags.  The following are the main tips about how to using vacuum packing machine:
1. Power supply: according to the need to toggle the power selector switch, check out each button's application, and operate them follow machine introduction. 
2. Put the plastic packing bag in the vacuum  chamber, and the pockets are neatly placed on the heat seal. 
3. Press down the cover, panel vacuum (vacuum) indicator will light. The cover is automatically sucked, vacuum knob can be adjusted according to packaging requirements of the level of vacuum. 
4. When the exhaust gas reaches the set time, the end of the exhaust, exhaust indicator light extinguished, inflatable indicator is light. Inflatable knob adjustable inflatable time length If not need to inflate the power switch to a vacuum position, the program automatically into the vacuum packaging, inflatable indicator light turn down.
5. When filling air step is finished, the packing bags will sealled.  Sealing time and temperature adjustment knob are set on the panel to adjust the thickness and material. Dynamic range should be small, to prevent a sudden increase in heat sealing temperature. 
6. When the time is up for sealing, the sealing indicator light trun down, as the end of the heat sealing, the vacuum chamber into the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover automatically lifted, the vacuum inflatable packaging process all over, ready for the next packaging cycle.



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