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Precautions For Using Peanut Peeling Machine

For everyone's personal safety, when using peanut peeling machine, please be sure to follow the following steps to check, so as not to injure others. The following is peanut peeling machine storage notes:
First, peanut peeler before use, you should first check whether the fasteners are tightened, rotating part is flexible, the bearings are lubricated, peeling machine is stable. In order to ensure the safety of the operator, the motor housing must also be grounded (the motor housing must be securely connected to the ground with a conductor).
Second, the power before the application of human peanut peeling machine turn a few laps, if the percussion sound, should identify the cause, and then power.
Third, should be based on the size of peanut selection of the appropriate screen.
Fourth, the first trial run after power and pay attention to the rotor's steering is correct. After the motor is started, the rotor should be turned in the same direction as indicated on the implement. First idling a few minutes, observe whether there is any abnormal noise, the normal operation of smooth, peanuts before quantitative, uniform, continuous into the feed hopper.
Seven, peeled, peanut fruit feed should be uniform, the amount of absolutely not allowed to have iron debris, stones and other debris mixed in case of peanut break or cause mechanical accidents. When the peanut covered with sieve surface, before opening the exit switch.
Eight, peanut peeling machine after use, before storing the machine, should clean the appearance of machinery and clean the dust, dirt and residual grain and other debris, and then clean the bearings with various parts of the oil, dried and coated with butter, painted Parts should be re-painted over the paint, paint dry, the machine covered, placed in a dry store room. Belt to be removed hanging in the sun is not the indoor wall.
Roasted Peanut peeling Machine
If you peanut peeling machine storage precautions are not very understanding, then, I welcome you to consult the company for more information. Or you can contact me with freely,i will send the machine detail and quotation to you.
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