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Use The Steps of Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanut roasting machine is widely used in peanut processing of peanut machinery and equipment, peanut machinery is called mechanical, is in the process of using, peanut baking confidential follow certain requirements and procedures, to maximize the performance of the peanut baking machine can be more.
drum peanut roaster machine
1, the development of the baking machine repair and maintenance plan, in the development of annual production and management plan at the same time, must develop a maintenance plan for equipment, so that time, money, human implementation in place.
2, the establishment of baking machine repair and maintenance agencies, and maintenance personnel, to clarify their duties, to carry out pre - job technical training, failure can not be posts, in addition to the necessary spare parts reserves indispensable.
3, do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of the real record, to set up a fault diagnosis team, analyze the causes of failure, study the exclusion of measures.
4. Develop a system for repair and maintenance of the enterprise to ensure that the oven is operating normally.
Above is the use of peanut baking machine requirements, in fact, no matter what kind of machine. Since we choose to use, we should do maintenance,so as to ensure the normal life of peanut baking oven.

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