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Why the Fruits Should be Packaged?

There are so many fruits and vegetables packaged with plastic bags or vacuum film, but some reasons people don't know why businessmen do this.  When packaging vegetables or fruits, businessmen should consider a lot of problems, the packaging problem is one of the most important issues, so when we packaging vegetables and fruits by stretch film vacuum packing machine, what the problem should we consider?  

There are the reasons why businessmen packaging fruits and vegatables by stretch:
The first point, with protection. Convenient storage and transportation of vegetables.
The second point, with a certain degree of permeability, conducive to product cooling and gas exchange.
The third point, this packaging with light weight, low cost, easy to draw, easy recovery and treatment.
The fourth point, people can easy to mark the trademark, name, grade, weight, origin, specific signs and packaging date on the bags.
The fifth point, with certain moisture resistance, can prevent bags morph because of water absorption. 
The sixth point, this packaging way is more clean, pollution-free, no smell, no harmful chemicals, smooth wall, health, beauty.
In addition, standardization of packaging is conducive to fruit and vegetable storage in the mechanized operation, but also conducive to make full use of storage space.


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