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Features of Sesame Candy Bar Production Line

       This sesame bar production line can make different size of sesame bar in the foods manufacturer ( the thickless less than 8mm).  This machine designed with the high quality,  low energy consumption, small area and easy operate.  This machine is designed with the high-performance drive configuration, which can bright high making speed, it can continuous about 24 hours. There are many different kinds of the shapes of the sesame bars in the markets, this sesame bar production line can also help you to make kinds of the sesame bar in the same machine, just change the partten of the forming machine can achieve the different parttten, such as the spherical, heart-shaped, round cake, rod, semi-circular, triangular, cinquefoil and so on.  Many sesame bar making machine produce the sesame bar products in irregular shapes,  it's hard to control the shape of the final products because of the machine problem. But this sesame bar production line will not appear such problem, because this machine designed with shape error self-correct system, which may reduce the posibility of problem. This type production line can also produce other materials, such as the rice bar, millet bar, nuts bar, suagr and so on. 
      Now there are a big promotion activity of all the machines, if you are interested in these machines, please contact us freely. We can offer you many different  types of the machines, suh as the peanut peeling machine, peanut roaster machine, peanut grinding machine and so on. 

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