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Drum Coating and Seasoning Machine for Snack Food

The biggest advantage of this Drum Coating and Seasoning Machine is that this machine can not only seasoning snacks foods, but also can coating different materials of the snack foods.  It is a  professional coating machine for different kinds of the snacks foods. The seasoning system is adopts the new advanced technology, teh final products will more even. The spices can be evenly thrown into the drum, very convenient and quickly. What's more, this coating machine also can coat different materila on the foods. Such as the Chocolate, sugar and so on. Many kinds of the snacks foods are made by this machine. Such the puffed food, fried foods, potato chips, potato slices, beans, nuts, crispy, etc

This machine can process the 150 kg  to 200 kg per hour products each time. So the machine is very suitable for any factory, and this single machine can be used in the whole snacks foods production line. From the frying or puffing to flavoring step, and even the packing step, we can all offer you best machine to help you. 


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