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Where to Buy Roasted Peanut Machine

       This roasted peanut machine is designed with our company several years of production experience.  The roasted final products taste more delicious.  It not only can roast the peanuts with shells, but also can roast the peanuts with red skin for commercial.  With the safe, clean, high effencuency, low energy consumption and easy operatation has been used in the beans processing, nuts( peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, beans, beans ) processing in the factory.  Drum design make the machine turning continously, and  reducing the energy in the working process. It made with a time control system, people can set the roasting time before roasting nuts. When the timing is up, this machine will stop, people can stop the machine. Reducing more energy, and it is more suitble for your business in the foods processing factory.
       The more materials feeding, the larger capacity of the machine has. So small capacity of the roasted peanuts machine, you can choose one feeding inlet. For large capacity, select multi-feeding mouth is more suitable for the long-term consideration in foods processing.

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