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Structure And Price of Peanut Sheller

The peanut shelling machine consists of a frame, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a sieve network (2 kinds of size), a hopper, a vibrating sieve, a triangular belt wheel and a transmission triangle.
Peanut Shelling Machine
When the shell is shelled, the peanut is fed into the front roller by the feeding hopper. The use of the plate rotation and the extrusion force between the arc grid of peanut shell and groundnut peel off, after peeling the peanut and shell at the same time by the front arc gate down, through the air duct, by the wind turbine will most of the peanut shell blown out of the machine. The peanut and part of the shell has not yet shelled peanuts together to select the proportion of the selected screen, after the selection of peanut from the drying surface, after the benevolence mouth, into the sack.
A peanut that has not been shelled, then through the feeding mouth into the lifting device, by the wind to lift the device into the drum after two times stripping shell, after stripping the Renhe shell after the arc-shaped grille down, again by the upwind wind selected, the proportion of selected sieve selection, so repeated, you can achieve all stripping shell.
Peanut Shelling Machine
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