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Why the Pistachio Should be Opened

When you buying the pistachio in the market, youh  should pay more attention to the nuts' opening,  try to find the opening nuts, because these will taste more delicious.  Actually,  the pistachios on the market with natural openings, there are also a lot of the pistachip opened by machine. Of course  the natural opening of pistachio with high quality. Once the pistachio is ripe, they will split. But this will need more long time, some businessmen in order to short the ripe time, they will pick the pistachio up, and opening them by the automatic pistachio opening machine, this machine is professional equipment to open the pistachio with high quality.  The nuts opening by machine will not break the nuts itself, and also it can reduce the pistachio reip time, make more big economic value. Acutally, there are rarelly the pistachio mature naturally, many of the them ar produced by the machine. What the special is that the nuts opening by machine taste is similar with the naturally mature nuts.  It's hard to find so good effect by machine. This opening machine is very suitable for the pistachio processing factory. 

If you still want to find the naturall mature pistachio with opening, you can look their opening mouth, if the mouth look more neat, that opening by machine, if not, that's is  naturally mature opening. If you are intersted in the pistachio opening machine, please contact us freely. 

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