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Advantages of the Peanut Sorting Machine

Advantages of the peanut sorting machine: 

       This sorting machine can sort the peanuts into different standard. The whole peanuts sorting machine include hopper, conveyor, peanut sieving machine, supporting base, finished peanut collector etc.  The first layer can remove the stone from the materails, and is can be customized form 3-5 layers according your need.  This machine with low noisy, save energy, and the instant process is very easy. Peanuts are graded to determine the overall quality and value of each grade. This cleaning is carried out by a peanut sifter, which is fed by a vertical bucket elevator to the material receiver, which has the function of a sieving screen with peanut grades 4-5.  This machine is more suitable for large capacity peanuts processing. Nowdays, this machine has been used in many different paces, such as the foods processing factory, peanuts seed packing factory and so on. 

       There are also many different capacity grains packaging machine can offer you, if  you are interested in this machine, please fell free to contact us. 


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