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Usage of Peanuts Roasting Machine

 Peanuts roasting machine always ued in the peanuts processing factory,
The roasted peanuts teste very crispy and delicious. At present, this type machine has been sold to many different countries. Commonly this machine has two different heating ways, one is electric heating way, another is the gas heating way you can reference. How many usage of this machine can be achieved?
Firstly, used in the almonds butter making line.
This peanuts roating machine can be used in almonds butter making line combined with other instruments. The almonds should be put in the roasting machine without shell, because the almonds’ shell is little hard, if you have any nuts roasting experience, you would better do that. Thus your almonds will roasted more evenly and crispy. The almonds butter will also more delicious.
Secondly, used in the peanut butter production line.
There is no doubt that this peanut nuts roasting machine can be used in the peanuts butter production line. This machine is the profesional machine to roasting peanuts, the peanut roasting effect is very good naturally. What you should to do is just to choose one capacity you really need? Because this roasting machine can be configurated with other machines, only consult salesmen before you buy this machine.
Thirdly, used in the Chickpeas processing line.
This roasting machine can be used with chickpeas shelling machine, peanuts roasting machine , cooling machine, peanuts grinding machine, peanut butter filling machine and so on.
Due to this machine can ont only roasting the peanuts, but also can roasting other nuts, so it is wildly used in many nuts processing fatories.
Our company is well-known of peanuts roasting machine as a manufacturer with reasonable prices, long life, well received by the customer recognition.
This type peanut roasting machine is mainly used for peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, beans seeds and other granular materials baking or drying using rotary drum, heat conduction, thermal radiation principle; Low cost (baking proces without touch with pyrotechnic), the number of peanut system by the use of mouth that the machine has easy to use, energy efficient, durable and so on. Baking products of good quality, health, taste is, can achieve the export standards.

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