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How to Correctly Use the Peanut Shelling Machine?

Peanut has a hard shell, effectively protect the fruit from the damage, when people want to eat you will find the shelling by hands is very painful, hard shell often make our hand injury. Here is a peanut shelling machine teach you easy shelling.
peanut shelling
A, the working principle of the peanut shelling machine:
Peanut sheller consists of frame, single-phase motor, fan, rotor, screen mesh, into the hopper, vibration sieve, triangle wheel and drive triangle, etc. After machine run properly, the peanut quantitative continuously and evenly into the hopper, peanuts broken under the repeatedly hit, friction and collision of the rotor, peanut kernels and the broken peanut shells under the rotation of the rotor of wind pressure and blow, through a certain aperture sieve filtering and separation. Peanut shell, grain under the effect of rotating fan blow force, make the light weight of peanut shells to blow out of the body, the heavier weight of peanut kernels to be achieved through the vibration sieve screening cleaning purpose.

B, use method and matters needing attention
1. Before use, should check all fasteners are tight and rotating parts is flexible, various bearing inner if there were any lubricating oil. Sheller should be placed on smooth ground.
2. The motor starts, the turning of the rotor with machines in the same direction. Idle for a few minutes first, observe any abnormal noise, after normal operation shall be evenly feeding peanuts.
3. Uniform feeding, right amount, do not contain iron, stone and other sundry, in case of broken peanuts and cause mechanical failure. When the peanuts covered with sieve surface, can open the switch of meters.
4. According to the peanut size to choose appropriate mesh.
5. Peanut peanut shells to accumulate within the motor can be move down, so that the tension fan belt, blowing air volume increase.
6. Operation, people do not stand at the side of the belt transmission, so as to avoid injury.
7. Should guarantee the transmission part and bearing has plenty of oil and regular cleaning and replacement.

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