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How Can I Maintenance the Peanut Roaster?

nut roasting machine
With the development of social economy, food machinery industry also gradually developed, such as the peanut roasting machine, and other food processing machines. Peanut roasting machine as an important equipment in peanut processing technology, on the maintenance and repair is very important. Today I'll give you introduce about the peanut roasting machine how to maintenance and repair.

This equipment is mainly composed of v-belts transfer. When the new conveyor belt is used for a period of time, it will gradually stretch due to the effect of the tension, there will be slack at the same time, so we must often check. Regularly to its degree of each drive belt tension and the matching parts of the gap is appropriate, timely adjust. We also note that the machine's speed, sound, temperature whether is normal when we are using.

Especially to remind each user is here, clean in time is very important, when we each end of the work, must be cleaned and checked. To check whether all bearing overheating, emphatically whether fastening screw loose parts. Once found that there is a problem must tighten at any time. In this way, our peanut roasting machine will have a longer service life.

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