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Development of the Peanut Roaster

        This peanut roaster is a new type machine in recently years, in the past years, there are no the roaster machine, so many businessmen hire manpower to roast peanuts.  It is a very old way to produce the peanuts foods,  need more people and money.  But with the development of the society, new technology help you live more beautiful life. People invented the peanuts roaster, this peanuts roaster have some different models can be choosed. The small type is the most popular machine. Due to this machine is noe of the multifunction machine with the small capacity and small volme, has been sold to all over the world. Transportation is very convenient with the small volme.  Although it has the small volme, it can reduce electric energy and no pollution.  One big advantage of this machine is that this machine can roast the peanut in a short time. During roasting time, the temperature can reach the 50℃~300℃. So this machine can used in the industry, agriculture, chemical industry, life.  
        Put the melon seeds, peanuts and other baked snack food distributed equally in the top surface of the net at first, the thickness of the stalls in the center of the height of the two networks about 1/2, bake interval after a certain period of time, pulling from top to bottom stencil handle, So that the baked goods layer by layer after the fall, to achieve the purpose of baking. Baked seeds, peanuts, jujube and other dry goods bright color.


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