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Peanut Roaster Machine form Gelgoog Machinery in Senegal

        The past two years we company sold our most of peanut roaster machine to Senegal, because Senegal is a big country of planting peanuts, they have rich peanut in resources. Last week another customer was ordered two peanut roasting machine for his business, one ca[pacity is 100--200 kg per hour, another output is 200--300 kg per hour. The peanut roasting machine is composed of feeding device, speed motor, transmission, circulation fan, electric control boxes and other important components. This machine can be used for continuous baking, so the efficiency is very higher than other roaster machine. Controlling the blowing rate and temperature of the material is set by adjusting the operating speed, to ensure the best baking effect. The machine use the automatically temperature controller to controll the oven temperature, high degree of automation, low noise, no pollution. It is best machine to  baking peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, seeds, sesame seeds, pistachios and other granular ideal food processing. In another word, this machine is an ideal tool for nut processing factory work.
peanut roaster machine

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