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The Working Principle of Peanut Chopper Machine

Peanut chopping machine are mainly adapted to the chopping of different materials such as vegetables, peanuts, beans, nuts (such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnut, macadamia nut). The machine is composed of three parts: vibration feeding, chopping and grading. Among them, the vibrating material can make the peanuts evenly spread on the digging hopper, which is favorable for the chopping of the hobs. The grading part adopts the spiral drum, , So as to achieve the required specifications of the grain.
peanut and other nut chopping cutting machine
The advantages of the similar products are reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy saving, easy to use, etc., the cut size of the product is uniform, beautiful, consumption of materials is small, no greasy phenomenon, is the food processing Ideal for the industry.

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