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Introduction of the Whole Peanut Butter Production Line

        The whole line of the peanut butter consisit of several machines, include the feed elevator, continuous roaster, conveyor, cooling machine, decorticating machine, sorting conveyor, grinding machines, pump, storage slot, cooling machine, mixing machine, vacuum deair, etc.  The making process of peanut butter also need high demand.  The whole peanut butter making process need nine steps with high level. 

Step one: large peanuts roasting. The temperature of the special peanuts roasting would better keep in 200 to 210 ºC, 20 to 30 minutes is ok. 
Step two:  cooling roasted peanuts. The temperature of the roasted peanuts is very high, it need cooling down them for the next step. 
Step three: peeling peanuts. Peanuts skin will influence the peanuts taste, so for the high level peanut butter, the skin of the peanuts would better be removed. 
Step  four: first grinding. The first grinding usually can make the peanuts into the coarse peanut butter. 
Step five: second grinding: This time for get the more delicate peanut butter.
Step six:  cooling butter.  Put the butter into the butter storage tanks. 
Step seven: packing step. Paking the butter into the gar or bags to meet the customer's need. 

        Usually, the final mesh of the peanut butter can get the 200 mesh.  Capacity of the whole peanuts butter production line can be customized, because there are many kinds of the capacity can be choosed. 


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