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Peanut Butter Packing Machine Working Video

Peanut butter packing machine is a product that is reformed and innovated with reference to foreign advanced filling machine technology. Its structure is simple and reasonable, with high precision and easy operation. Suitable for medicine, cosmetic, food, pesticide and special industries, it is an ideal equipment for filling high viscosity fluid and paste. Reasonable design, compact models, easy operation, filling volume adjustment handle, filling speed can be adjusted, filling high precision. Filling filling head with anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling device. This series of filling machine is divided into single head, double head and explosion-proof and other models. Double head can be adjusted, used alone.
This is our company peanut butter filling machine test video,the machine has a lot of features:
The machine is semi-automatic piston paste filling machine.
Reasonable design of the aircraft Compact and easy to operate Pneumatic components are used in Germany FESTO and Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components.
Material contact parts are made of 304L stainless steel.
Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, canned high precision.
Filling bulk head with anti-drip and upgrade filling device.

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