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Automatic Peanuts Cutting Machine for Sale

This nuts cutting machine can cut many kinds of nuts, such as almonds, melon seeds, walnuts, peanuts,pistachios, hazelnuts etc. And also the cutting strips size can be changed by cstomers' requirements. With very high seed and capacity, this machine machine can produce large output in short time. 

Customers will find that this machine is very easy to control,  because they  just put everything good debugging before useing this machine. But durign process, one thing you should take care is that the water content of nuts would preferably in 15% to 18 %, too wet or too dry about nuts cut will not have the good effects. 

The material of this machine is  stainless steel 304, which is more healthy for people, so it is widely used in peanuts, almonds or pistachios food processing.  It is desigened by advanced technology from abroad, even its slitter, it is has less material waste and easy to operate. 

Useing of nuts strips: 
Nuts strips can be put into many different foods, such as: western food, biscuits, bread, porridge, cakes, etc. 

      Common feature:
Power: 1 kw
Weight: 200 kg 
CApacity: 100kg per hour

      Before you buying this machine, you should better make 
 determin from staff and to avoid errors during the buying. 


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